Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Soap Challenge 2013 - 1st Week

Like other soapers, I love to look at soaps, to see all the different ideas and infinite possibilities. In soapmaking, every slight change of colour, scent, technique, recipe or conditions, changes the overall look...and that´s the soap! Last year as a soapmaker-beginner I discovered Amy Warden´s blog and also the Challenges, and I admired the beautiful soaps! This year, still soapmaker-beginner, I decided to sign in as well and I am so excited to try new techniques and meet other soapers as well!

The goal for the first week was Tiger Swirl. Having a Bubble Gum FO waiting to be used, I got the idea that this technique with its elastic, waving look would match the scent well. So I planned to make a pink and white soap with a small green spot to the side. I made a blend of FO/EO´s using Bubble Gum, Cucumber, Peppermint and Rosewood.

I colored one half of the batch with Pink clay, the other one with TD. I left a small part out and mixed in Ultramarine, Yellow oxide and TD to get the green. At first the soap was moving slowly, but while I was adding the colours it started to thicken - so I went quickly to pouring. Now I think I could have waited a bit longer to get the stripes more distinct. I gelled the soap and finished by painting the top with White mica. I could cut it after 12 hours in the mold.

Overall I like the look, the colours came out nice. I enjoy this technique and plan to use it again for sure.

Have a look at other´s challenge soaps - it´s wonderful to see so many amazing creations from all over the world! And it´s so much fun to be a part of it and to share with others. Looking forward to the next week - which is this week - so see you soon!  Barbora


  1. Such a delicate rose obtained with rose clay, love it!
    Nice to discover your blog!

  2. Great job, Barbora!! Love the color combo and the scent sounds fabulous!

  3. The top of the soap is amazing and the green little accent color looks good.

  4. Such subtle colors-I love it!

  5. Thank you, it´s nice to hear you like it! Moreover, these are the first comments on my blog :-)