Saturday, October 19, 2013

Dandelion Zebra Swirl

When I first saw this technique, its name sounded mysterious as well as the technique itself. The original soap of Vinvela Ebony, who created this design, looks fabulous. I had no idea how to do it and really wanted to learn. Thanks to Amy Warden, for organizing these soaping sessions and another great choice of technique!

I started thinking about this soap in September. We were coming back from my cousin´s wedding, and went for a walk. The weather was nice and first signs of autumn around us. Beautiful colours! I decided to make a soap inspired by that view of the landscape with late afternoon sun and sky. I am really pleased with the result, the colours came out nice.

The green is mainly green clay with just a pinch of green oxide, other than that I used mineral pigments. I made the swirl with four different shades of yellow-orange-pink. On the top of the soap there is some soda ash that developped just around the ornaments, and created an interesting effect I think.

Scented with a pleasant harmonizing blend of Honey, Orange and Rosemary, a little light, a little earthy. Soap with buttermilk, silk and green clay.

I will definitely use this technique again, I like the effect of tiny stripes and the wild swirl shape.