Thursday, December 12, 2013

Column swirl soap - Soap Challenge

The inspiration for this soap comes from my dear husband. He has been talking about this particular colour combo for several months.

He would like to make a bright orange, green and black soap. I just didn´t have the idea for a matching scent and design...until this month´s Soap Challenge. 

This was my first attempt at Column Swirl. I wanted to try a new fragrance, Orange and Chilli. And these colours seemed just the right ones for it. I used mineral pigments and charcoal. I chose to pour across one central column - made from two wooden blocks.

Scented with a blend of Orange & Chilli, Cedarwood and a hint of Honey. Soap with buttermilk, silk and shea butter.

I asked my husband Peter why he wanted these colours, he said he likes the combination because for him it feels like energy, movement but also serenity and patience.