Thursday, August 15, 2013

Holly Swirl

Amy´s Soap Challenge Club Part 3 -  the theme for this month is Holly Swirl. A technique that looks beautiful and that I have never tried, so I am in.

It took me a while to get inspiration for this soap. I had several ideas but none of them felt to be just the right one for this particular design. I went through my fragrances and nothing really caught my attention apart from Seaweed and Juniper FO. I haven´t used it so far, it has this kind of air-freshner like scent and I think it would be challenging to create a nice blend with it. So again no idea.

Walking, looking, feeling....finally an idea came to my mind.

I mixed the shades using oxides and micas, used my standard colouring-and-swirling recipe. And used the Seaweed and Juniper FO, a blend with Yellow Mandarin EO, Lavender, Cucumber FO and Cedarwood EO. I am really pleased with the result, the soap looks almost the same like in my mind and I like the scent as well, it´s very nice on skin after washing.

Fresh marine scent with a soft touch of Mandarin and Lavender, and an anchor of earthy Cedarwood. Creamy soap with buttermilk and pink clay.

Looking forward to seeing all the other soaps, I have already seen some of Thanks Amy!